Monday, April 23, 2012

Veganomics: Week 2

So here we are, at the end of the first week of eating vegan. Though not the intent of the project, I have lost a pound and about three percent body fat. (I'm not complaining.) The real goal of the experiment was to force myself to readjust to a plant-based diet. I used to think that we had a plant-based diet, but the truth is, the main part of the main dish at the main meal of every day came from an animal. Fish. Chicken. Eggs. Cheese.

What's wrong with that? Nothing. It's just that I'm starting to look my age. I'm starting to wish we spent less on groceries. And I'm starting to realize--no, starting to do something about--the fact that industrial animal farming is bad for everyone and everything. Except maybe livestock futures traders.

Thus, I'm embarking on another vegan week. This time with more enthusiasm. Tonight during my yoga class I felt this sense of peace--which, by the way, is totally irrelevant of my circumstances at the moment--a sense of oneness and steadfastness of strength and being. It was a cool feeling.

I created another menu and went shopping yesterday. Thanks to a few frequent-shopper points at Sainsbury's, I finished the grocery shopping for the week for our family of four at $33.05. Yes, you read that right. And we have guests coming over two nights this week. Tonight we enjoyed a Mexican tortilla soup with smoked paprika, fresh cilantro, black beans and avocado. Perfect on this bleary spring evening.

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