Sunday, June 10, 2012


So I had a really clever title for this blog post, Market Day in Sachile. (That rhymes, in case you didn't read my earlier post on sah-chi-lay, Italy.) Unfortuantely, market day was Friday. Today is Sunday. Thus we're dining on my brother's bachelor pad pantry as all of the stores are closed. Don't get me wrong, he has more than just condiments. But a freezer full of hops and a fridge full of yeast samples doesn't exactly scream 30-minute-meal, now does it Rachel Ray?

Our options: canned tuna, baby spinach, honey nut Cheerios, celery, grana padano, butter, and sweet potatoes. I'm trying to pull all of my Food Network wisdom to this meal. It's like the grand finale of Chopped, minus the culinary training on my part or the 50K prize on theirs.

Rich is out at Biker Bar--no really, that's what it's called--watching the Europe football champion's league game Italy vs. Spain. I have another ten minutes to pull this together. Oh, I guess not, he's buzzing in now to the condo with Ciao Bella and a kiss. Time to pull off dinner!

Update: We just finished eating what was likely the best pantry raid dinner I have ever created: fish cakes of grana padano, crushed Cheerios, and tuna, topped with wilted baby spinach in a lemon and olive oil vinaigrette, with roasted sweet potatoes. Totally bril!

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