Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Exploring Venice

Against our better judgement, we packed up the children on Monday, tromped through puddles all the way to the stazione, and boarded a train bound for Venizia. You simply cannot go to northern Italy without seeing it, so of course, we went. We emerged about two hours later in Venice, the sun shining, the dull-turqouise water glistening, and our children behaving like angels.

We rewarded their goodness with gelato. In between scoops, Brad chased pidgeons all over the floating city. Cole crashed from the sugar high and fell asleep in his carrier on my chest. Again, we tried to get lost, turning every which way as the mood struck. What a beautiful city! Especially when you explore all of its hidden neighborhoods, avoiding the tourist shops with fake Coach purses, cheap children's toys, and tacky "I love Venice" t-shirts that have metaticised all over the city. Perhaps that's why it's sinking.

We finished the day a charming little pizzeria overlooking the canal. Though the pizza was nothing to blog about, the Chianti, the views, the perfect weather, and the wonderful company made it my favorite meal in Italy so far.

Not sure when if ever I'll make it back, but wow, I am smitten with Venice!

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