Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hollandaise, Where Have You Been All My Life?

Some things in life stare you in the face for ages until you finally truly see them, like those horrible hidden pictures sold in the mall in the 90s. You know the ones? They were brightly colored, almost pretty, with some kind of hidden image that I was either too aloof to recognize or didn't exist at all.

For me, two food realities, no three, are emerging:
1) there is no substitute for tamarind paste.
2) artichokes are easier to prepare than I thought.
3) and, hollandaise rocks my socks off.

I discovered the first in my previous post on stuffed eggplant with lamb, cinnamon and tamarind. The remaining two discoveries happened simultaneously when I attempted to recreate a scene from Julie & Julia in which Julie and Eric enjoy steamed artichoke with hollandaise sauce. (If that's not food porn, I don't know what is.)

Don't tune me out. I know hollandaise sounds a little antiquated, like some boring gravy-esque sauce that your grandma ate before she learned that egg yolks raise your cholesterol (not entirely true), and your mom didn't because she already knew that, and you haven't because no one has told you how sexy and delicious hollandaise is or taught you how to make it. And, since most of the micronutrients in an egg are in its gloriously silky yolk, I should think that hollandaise practically a health food.

Okay, maybe that's a stretch.

You really don't need me to give you the recipe. It's been published in a million nearly identical forms already. (Try Alton Brown's hollandaise recipe.) I can't even post "my version" -- it's one of those things that cannot be improved upon.

So, promise me you'll make it?

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